Map of West Berkshire

This map of West Berkshire is especially useful for tourists that are travelling from other countries because it provides useful indications about the surrounding provinces and the access routes to West Berkshire. Using the information provided by this map of West Berkshire and other sources of information, you can organize every detail of your trip including hotel reservations, travel insurance costs and the costs of airplane tickets or car hire services. A printed version of this map of West Berkshire will also be a very useful companion on your trips, helping you orientate within the province and its surroundings.

West Berkshire is part of the ceremonial county of Royal Berkshire, England. It is one of the local government districts located between Bristol and London. Newbury is its administrative town, with a unitary form of government referred to as the West Berkshire Council.

Map Of West Berkshire

West Berkshire has a semi-rural characteristic with most of its population living in Kennet valley. Aside from Newbury, there are other districts in West Berkshire also considered as the main centres. The list includes Thatcham, Pangbourne, Hungerford,and Lambourn. It also includes larger villages namely Theale, Burghfield, Purley-on-Thames, Mortimer and Hermitage.

In the south, Hampshire is the border of West Berkshire while the west has Wiltshire. Oxfordshire borders it in the north while Reading and Wokingham is its border in the east. About three quarters of its land area is officially designated to North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty including Berkshire Downs and the Valley of Thames.

The Walbury Hill which has the highest peak in southeast or south-central of England is conveniently located at West Berkshire. The summit height is about 297m to the south of the Inkpen village. West Berkshire is bountiful in water forms with quite a number of them running through the area. Apart from the famous River Thames, they also have Lambourn, Pang, Kennet, the Kennet Bourne River and Avon Canal. A great number of tributaries are dependent on these rivers.

West Berkshire has a total land area of 271.88 square miles and yet its economy is one of the fast growing in England. Its economy is greatly characterised by the jobs available in technology and financial industries. They have the lowest number of unemployed with their above average economy.