Map of Warwickshire

This map of Warwickshire illustrates the layout of the province, its borders with other districts and the main courses of water in the area. If you know a lot about your destination and its surroundings, then it is easy to find the appropriate hotel or an affordable car hire service. You can use this map of Warwickshire, either as an online guide or you can print it and take it with you during your travels. Either way, this map of Warwickshire will help make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Considered as a non-metropolitan county, Warwickshire can be found lying in the central part of England, specifically in the West Midlands of its region. Just like any other shire counties, its local government is made of a two-tiered structure. Among its five districts, Stratford-upon-Avon is one of the most favourite stop-over towns of Britain. Incidentally, it is also the native land of the famous poet and playwright of England, William Shakespeare. Another famous district, Rugby is where the sport of the same name had its origin.

Map Of Warwickshire

Its strong relations with Coventry at present can be traced back to their union in the past. Warwickshire, which was once part of Coventry, shared in the limelight of its prosperous trading of textiles. They split in 1451. However, the County of Coventry was wiped out in 1842. Since then, there have been implications of formally merging them again.

During the time that English Civil War and the Battle of Edgehill were fought, Warwickshire for the most part was behind these conflicts.

As reported by the population census in 2011, the number of settlers has approximately reached 545,474. Most of the residents concentrated in the areas of the north and centre of Warwickshire.

In 19th century, the northern and eastern parts of its market towns were industrialised. They indulge in the production of cement, and mining of coals. The textile industry continues to abound. Engineering is one of the main lines of work that they are into.