Map of Rutland

This map of Rutland is a key element in planning your trip to this beautiful county. This map of Rutland is also great for logistic purposes because it is great source information about the main cities and surroundings of the province. Using the information provided by this map of Rutland and other sources of information, you can organize every detail of your trip including hotel reservations, travel insurance costs and the costs of airplane tickets or car hire services.

This is a map of Rutland, it aims to provide you knowledge of the roads, towns, provincial divides and landmarks of the county.

Map Of Rutland

Rutland is located in central England and is a county which is landlocked. It shares its borders with Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire.

Rutland holds the smallest population within mainland England. The City of London, (which is not to be confused with London City) is the only normal unitary authority which is smaller in terms of area. Its largest length measuring from the north of the county to the south is only 29km (18 miles) and its longest measurement from the east of the county to the west is only 27km (17 miles).

It holds 37,000 people within its borders and is a historic English county. Due to this, the county council adopted the phrase “Multum In Parvo” which is a Latin motto and translates to “Much in Little” in the 1950’s. Although it is known for its small size, it is still larger than the Isle of Wight, the City of London and the City of Bristol.

If the County of London was still in existence (1889 to 1965) would also measure to be smaller. There are only two towns in Rutland: Oakham, which is the county town and Uppingham. Rutland Water, a large artificial reservoir is located in the centre of the county. Rutland water is notably important, as it is a nature reserve which serves as a breeding site for ospreys and an overwintering site for wildfowl.